We we're graded as Good.

Some of you may find reading an Ofsted report a priority when looking for a setting for your child; some of you may not care! One thing to remember is that it is a tiny snap shot of what we do! 'Trends' and what inspectors are 'hot' on changes very rapidly.  Their own education experiences and preferences also influences how they judge a setting.  Our improvements we're all based around behind the scenes paperwork, most of which relating to new trends and ideas they were looking for.  All of which had been developed and improved before the inspection was even published!  

Please read our Ofsted inspection here... 


It may also be worth noting our registration number, you often need this to claim childcare vouchers from your employer. 


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Foundation Years website includes the full curriculum as well as a helpful parents guide if you'd like to find out more please follow the link below.